A downloadable horror, game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A remastered take of my previous game called "A Horror Game", enjoy. #horror

Duration: Few minutes.


Thirsty (Linux 32-Bit).zip 38 MB
Thirsty (Linux 64-Bit).zip 38 MB
Thirsty (Mac 64-Bit).zip 36 MB
Thirsty (Windows 32-Bit).zip 47 MB
Thirsty (Windows 64-Bit).zip 32 MB


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Man, i actually enjoyed this game, although it was short, i like the pixelated design so much, the torch animation is quite cute lmao, i have one complain tho, why is the looking screen behave like this, i can't use the mouse for looking, which i find a little bit annoying but it's fine when you get used to it, and another thing, when you move through the path to the door in the forest there is a mispronunciation with this line: " why do i feel like something is watching me? " you typed " is " => " i " , it's very minor ik, but just to point it out ;D

This engine is fairly new, I mean the version 1.0 of the engine came here recently through years of development. The camera turning thing, i used the left and right turning the camera cuz even though there is an option to have a Free Camera, I cannot find how to change the sensitivity inside the engine.

Thanks for pointing the mispronunciation, i may have overlooked it during development and i will patch it ASAP.

Im sorry if the same name is used for another game, i couldnt find a better title for my game.